What to check before buying a house?

A standardised quality of living is what people desire to have. The home is something which is everyone’s priority and they want all the luxurious facilities inside their place of living. A home is the only place where you can find mental peace and do relax from a long tiring day. The people put all their efforts in buying a home so it is imperative that the house is worth their cost.
There are many builders who sell houses claiming that it is made of qualitative stuff but that is completely fake as they make use of poor material that is not at all durable in the long run. That is absolutely wrong because they are making a fool of the innocent people by charging them a handsome amount of money and hand over them a house that does not meet with the expectations of the people.
It is advisable to keep a close check on the property from its interior to the quality of material that has been deployed in the construction so that you will regret in the end because of your purchasing decision.